Wednesday, 13 October 2010

End of trip

Closing entry...and apologies for the long gap for anyone following this blog! Unfortunately did not get much further than Bellinzona in the greater scheme of things....foot too painful. After indeciveness and backwards and forwards-ing (not wanting to admit what I had realised...probably same reason as delay in putting this entry on) therefore ultimately stopped walking. Have therefore looked around for alternatives that involved less bending of the toes and done a long cycle trip from the north coast of scotland down and around england (foot seemed fine for this in wlaking boots). Have therefore done my remaining 1,500 miles or so, although not quite as originally intended!

So...I can't complain as was a great trip as far as it went and also a good cycle trip. Is a shame though as was going very well until then and obviously lots of effort going into to it as well, also was starting to approach the higher alps just as the snow was melting off and allowing higher passes to be crossed. On the other hand was good to get to the level of fitness and enjoyment needed to do the trip (and to have been on track to do it) even if only for part of the intended route. Won't be an immediate return, but we shall see at some point - trips like this are probably both a good way and a good incentive for a long term high level of fitness...its added to the future projects list!

Anyway, if anyone needs recommendations for long distance hikes in the eastern alps in the early season then let me know!

Bye for now,


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